Liege International Co., Ltd is a professional auto parts supplier in Taiwan. Base on years experiences in the Auto parts field, we know what our customers demand and can offer our best service. Our mission is to offer the high quality Auto parts and our goal is innovation the durable new products to satisfy our customers.

Liege is devoted to serving OEM’s and distributors with world-class quality and reliability. We are the manufacturing and design expertise which enables us to provide our customers various kinds of products and our company's products are over 8000 items. Our products are including various kinds of Auto parts especially in the Rubber parts of Chassis & Suspension parts. Our products serials are mainly for Japanese cars but also cover American, European and Korean Vehicles. In the other field, we are a professional manufacture in Metal CNC process and Rubber injection process. Therefore we are also welcome customized products base on drawings or samples. Highly welcome to receive your OEM case!

Products Superiority

  • Engine Mount

    We have over 2594 items and 100% made in Taiwan

  • Ball Joint

    We have over 1617 items and 100% mad in Taiwan

  • Stabilizer Link

    We have over 2247 items and made in Taiwan

  • Tie Rod End

    We have over 2268 items

  • Bushings

    We have over 4500 items(arm bushings, bushing, stabilizer bushings)

  • Steering Boot

    We have over 1676 items

  • Control Arm

    We have over 3298 items

  • C.V. Joint Boot

    We have over 1560 items

  • Shock Absorber Mounting

    We have over 1722 items